The Story of Hamadaya

Hamada Shoyu Co. Ltd was founded in 1818 in Kumamoto, Japan. The brand Hamadaya is named after the family. Handcrafted using a 200-year-old time-tested recipe, Hamadaya sauces are exceptional in taste and aroma.

Hamada 7th Generation Brewmaster:

The Promise of Quality

With the masterful work of a 7th Generation Brewmaster, Hironari Hamada ensures quality is never compromised.


An Award-Winning Brand

Hamadaya’s 200-year-old time-tested recipe has been recognised for its supreme quality and premium taste by Monde Selection and International Taste Institute.



The manufacturer is Halal-certified and has achieved numerous international food safety certifications as well, in recognition of its high quality and food manufacturing standards.

Sharing Sauces

With The World

Headquartered in Japan, Hamadaya has expanded its production to Malaysia to cater to the needs of consumers today and reach more people around the world to savour its shoyu, oyster sauce and many more sauces.

A Brief Story of


  1. BUNSEI 1, 1818

    1818 - Starting out as a small business in Oshima sub-prefecture, which was a thriving district for trade and commerce during the Edo and Meiji eras.

  2. SHOWA 12, 1937

    1937 - Introduced steamers and rotating pressure cookers (NK containers) to speed up production, realising the vision of large-scale mass production.

  3. SHOWA 36, 1961

    1961 - Successfully patented a technique of aromatising soy sauces.

  4. SHOWA 38, 1963

    1963 - ‘Reduced salt soy sauce’ obtains a method patent in Kyushu, a first for the company.

  5. SHOWA 50, 1975

    1975 - Became the largest supplier of soy sauces for hospitals and educational institutes in Kumamoto. Began production of raw soy sauces, contributing immensely to the popularisation of Kumamoto Soy Sauce in Kyushu.

  6. HEISEI 9, 1997

    1997 - 7th President Yasunari is granted permission from authorities to import table salt. Natural salt is added for the first time to the soy sauce manufacturing process.

  7. HEISEI 13, 2001

    2001 - Soy sauce warehouses are officially recognised as a cultural landscape of Kumamoto.

  8. HEISEI 19, 2007

    2007 - Nine buildings declared tangible cultural properties of Japan.

  9. HEISEI 28, 2016

    2016 - Commences business relations with Fung Group, Hong Kong.

  10. HEISEI 28, 2020

    2020 - Headquartered in Japan, Hamadaya has expanded its production to Malaysia.

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